Bee packages
Bulk hone

Honey Hive Farms offers package bees & queens in May & April.  Sometimes we offer nucs, full single & double hives in the equipment.  We strive to have the best genetics with a docile temperament.

Honey Hive Farms offers raw, lightly strained, clean bulk honey.  We use only new food grade buckets with gasket sealed lids.  You can pick up at our Missouri farm or one of our delivery routes no shipping cost.

Local raw honey
Beekeeping equipment

Honey Hive Farms offers many different types of honey in small quantities in Arizona.   We offer raw Arizona honey at local Farmers Markets & some great stores that support local farmers / beekeepers.

Honey Hive Farms designs our own products & offers a small, non overwhelming hand picked line of items to choose from.             NOTE: Please check out our beekeeping classes too.

Honey Hive Farms​